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Community Engagement

At Artifact Group, we believe in more than just acquiring and managing properties; we are dedicated to cultivating vibrant communities. Our commitment extends beyond property ownership – it's about fostering connections, supporting local initiatives, and contributing to the cultural tapestry of each neighbourhood we are involved in.

Clear Certification

To ensure the very best air and water quality for our guests and employees, we are proud to be CLEAR Certified. Their military-grade technology is specifically created to eliminate impurities and contaminants from the environment of our hotel. With this technology, we are able to effectively eliminate 99.97% of viruses and bacteria from water. Additionally, their air filtration system operates on four levels, ensuring the removal of dust, mold, germs, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and flu germs from the air we breathe. As a result, everyone will experience enhanced health and enjoy benefits such as softer hair, smoother skin, and many more advantages. 

“Our guests and employees' well-being is our top priority, and our attention to disinfection and hygiene is paramount.”

- Gaurav Gupta , President

Murals of Montreal: Hyatt Place Downtown Montreal

Step into the heart of Montreal's creative spirit at Hyatt Place Downtown Montreal, where we've proudly collaborated with the renowned artist Françoise Sullivan to bring the city's tallest mural to life. This striking masterpiece adds a touch of artistic brilliance to the urban landscape, reflecting our dedication to the cultural enrichment of the community. As we celebrate the unveiling of this iconic mural, we also extend our heartfelt congratulations to the legendary Françoise Sullivan, who, at 100 years old, continues to inspire with her unparalleled artistic vision and commemorate her outstanding and enduring career.

- Françoise Sullivan , Long-standing career person


We believe every fruitful relationship begins with mutual benefit.



What is a community without a common goal? At Artifact, we believe it's the cornerstone of our ethos. As a real estate managing company, we understand that vibrant communities aren't just about structures but shared visions. We actively foster spaces where residents collaborate, innovate, and grow together. Our commitment goes beyond property management; it's about cultivating environments where individuals thrive collectively, enriching lives, and creating a tapestry of interconnectedness that defines a true home.

Cedars Raffle and Auction Event: Empowering Psychosocial Oncology

Our commitment to community well-being extends to various impactful initiatives, including our dedicated support for the Cedars Raffle and Auction event. We are proud to have played a significant role in their recent record-breaking achievement, raising an astounding $618,000 for the Psychosocial Oncology Program at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

Santa Cabrini Hospital Foundation

Our dedication to community wellness extends to supporting the Santa Cabrini Hospital Foundation for their new operating wing. By contributing to this initiative, we aim to enhance healthcare facilities and services for the benefit of the entire community.

Let's Bond: Supporting the Douglas Foundation

Artifact Group is honored to be a steadfast supporter of Let's Bond, an annual fundraising event dedicated to championing mental health initiatives through the Douglas Foundation. By participating in this impactful event, we contribute to the betterment of our community and advocate for the well-being of every individual.



Our involvement in these initiatives reflects our belief that a thriving community is built on collaboration, creativity, and care. Artifact Group focuses on acquiring and managing properties, and we are proud members of the communities we serve. 

Join us in celebrating the intersection of art, culture, and compassion. Explore the stories that make each of our properties a testament to the enduring bond between Artifact Group and the communities we call home.


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